LXC Based Stability Index

  • 27th December 2019
Before starting the host of a website, it is always a must to have a company which provides an innovative company with its web hosting Sri Lanka. The services provided by the company has to be up to the mark for it to continue to be successful.   While it has been observed that website owners from all over the world make use of this opportunity ...
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Unlimited Web Hosting

  • 10th December 2019
If you are looking for the best and most effective way to build your website, it is time to look at unlimited web hosting. Unlimited hosting is ideal for those who are serious about building their own websites. Not only does unlimited hosting allow you to build your own website, but unlimited hosting also allows you to expand the features of your ...
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Web Hosting Sri Lanka - Hotlink Protection

  • 20th November 2019
Web hosting Sri Lanka should be thought of as a place to start a business. Without a web presence, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of being taken advantage of by every unscrupulous business person around the world. The presence of an online presence opens up an opportunity for the consumer to compare prices and products, giving them ...
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Your Website Might Spamming Without You Realising it.

  • 11th November 2019
Most of us want people to contact us through our websites, and that's fine and normal. However sadly, spammers want to use your website contact form to send you bucket loads of junk. So most website owners install captcha or something like that to cut own on the automated junk that comes, and it mostly does a great job. However some manual spam ...
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