Random Number Generator - Generate Millions of Random Numbers

  • 30th April 2020
If you have ever needed a large list of random numbers for the purposes of testing or some other scripting need - then you will have done what I just did and searched for a random number generator. I found a few websites but none of them did exactly what I needed, and one that did limited me to only 1000 numbers. So I've written my own number ...
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Move a Website as Webhost in WHM/Cpanel

  • 28th April 2020
A simple concise explanation - so much of the documentation seems convoluted that it's hard to understand.  If you are a web host and you want to move a new account from another server, here are the easy instructions. 1. Backup the site from the original server and make a full copy.  Make sure to backup databases and email settings too 2. ...
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