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Sri Lanka Web Hosting - Customizable Error Pages

  • Tuesday, 29th October, 2019
  • 12:14pm

A few years ago, you could count on only one hand the number of websites that used web hosting Sri Lanka. Over the last few years, however, that number has grown significantly.


The sheer popularity of the web makes it so popular that it has completely spoiled the market for commercial hosting. Those who want to create a website do not have to worry about providing enough space, as most websites will be able to work without it. They can pay a minimal monthly fee and still be able to get thousands of customers each month.


On the other hand, many entrepreneurs and marketers do not have the time or money to hire web host Sri Lanka. There are a number of factors why you should consider switching to a Sri Lankan web host. One of them is customizable error pages. You can be assured that these pages will not only be easy to access but also reliable.


How can you be sure that error pages from Sri Lanka will not be able to show your visitor as you wish? They will be able to get their way. That is the reason why most of the companies give a copy of the error page to your visitors. Many visitors may think they are receiving the right message, when in fact they are not.


We all know how annoying it is to get an error pages just because you tried to follow the directions on a webpage. It is even more irritating when you have to click several times just to access the site again. That is why it is so important that web hosting Sri Lanka provide Customizable Error Pages for customers.


Before they set up your website, your Sri Lankan web host must also come up with a way to customize the error pages. By the way, your visitors will appreciate your efforts and help you achieve 100% website uptime. Your visitors will also appreciate the fact that they do not have to worry about the error messages anymore.


Customized error pages are not hard to set up. As long as you have a clue on how to change a few parameters of the code, you can do it yourself. However, it is recommended that you contact the service provider to do it, to make sure that you are not missing anything crucial.


It is also important to understand how you can customize the Customizable Error Pages. You can use a few tags to include a link to the company's FAQ page. You can also use other tags to refer back to your website frequently visited pages.


By taking this simple optimization technique, you will be able to improve the overall performance of your website. Of course, you do not have to stop there. You can make sure that your website would be designed to make sure that it looks professional, too.


Using Customizable Error Pages is one thing, but getting the most out of your website is another. Your visitors will appreciate the fact that you spend more time to make your website better and more welcoming.


More than ever, Internet users find a sense of security when using their computers. While you will want to make sure that your site is secure, you should be careful that no visitors get to see the Customizable Error Pages.


If you are not using any Custom Error Pages, there is a big chance that your visitors may get to see your error messages. And this is something that you really do not want to happen.

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