Sri Lanka is home to many small to medium sized business enterprises, which are making more use of web hosting services. Though it is often difficult to meet the bandwidth requirements of the business servers in such a remote location, dedicated IP address service providers are available to meet the growing demands.


A dedicated IP address is also known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It offers users an IP address and thus can host applications over the Internet and remotely access the application data stored in the server, without having to share the IP address with other users on the Internet. With this kind of arrangement, it becomes possible for customers to get their desired features such as dedicated IP address and high bandwidth, without paying extra costs for the same.


However, in spite of the advantages of a dedicated IP address, there are a number of disadvantages as well. These include the fact that they require more servers to be running at the same time, and this can lead to increased cost. This is why web hosting Sri Lanka providers offer a range of different plans that cater to different needs.


Two main types of dedicated IP are available in Sri Lanka. One is known as Static dedicated IP address, and the other is the Dynamic dedicated IP address. The static IP addresses can be used for relatively long periods and hence the cost of each connection tends to go up, while dynamic IP addresses, on the other hand, come with unlimited bandwidth and do not need to be managed.


A dedicated IP address is often used by Sri Lanka as it is an affordable and convenient option to offer to its customers. In addition, it offers an option for those who wish to completely switch over to the Internet. Also, it allows customers to have access to both on-site and off-site data and is one of the main reasons why many businesses prefer to get dedicated IP address instead of standard web hosting plans.


In most cases, it is easier to use a plan that comes with a low cost, rather than a plan that costs more at a later stage, as these tend to be more cost effective. In fact, web hosting Sri Lanka is well known for its low price plans. And there are even some plans that are very affordable and provide web hosting Sri Lanka with a competitive edge over other countries, such as the Philippines.


Large and small business enterprises across the island have been extremely successful in attracting a lot of clients to them due to the low cost that they offer. This is mainly because of the dedicated IP address. It provides the customers with the ability to operate a website and retain control over it, while maintaining its performance on the web.


When compared to other forms of web hosting, dedicated IPs are known to provide a higher level of reliability as well. The plans offered by Sri Lanka can be subscribed at affordable rates, and thus can be the ideal choice for small businesses. This can help to ensure a steady stream of business as well.


With these low prices, many business enterprises have been able to promote their products or services on the web, without worrying about their costs. Since these are offered at low rates, the customers have been able to enjoy all the benefits that are associated with using a web hosting plan. Even small businesses in Sri Lanka can benefit from the web hosting services offered by Sri Lanka.


The only thing that may pose a problem is the issue of scalability, as the hosted sites may get too large to handle. But this can be overcome by opting for a low cost plan and the fact that the web hosting plan is relatively cheaper. So even a small business enterprise can take advantage of the internet to promote their products and services.


Other than the pricing, there are also a number of plans available in Sri Lanka that offer unlimited bandwidth, meaning that unlimited traffic is allowed, without any limits. This is indeed an attractive option for small businesses as it means that they can enjoy a huge traffic flow without any fear of increasing their costs.


Therefore, the Sri Lankan Islands has made a lot of progress in attracting a lot of web hosting business to its shores, as it provides many businesses with affordable plans. hosting options.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

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