Web Hosting Sri Lanka – Websites Of 2019 (Ranked!)

If you stumbled across this page while looking for the best web hosting in Sri Lanka, you’re in luck.

Why Speed Is So Important

When you bring your business online, you should know that you’re in competition with hundreds, possibly thousands of other webstores. You can expect the competition to offer the exact same service or product as you, at the exact same price point or even lower.

What can you do to get an advantage over the competition?

Website speed.

Most people are used to getting their websites loaded in less than 2 seconds (which means that the web host needs to respond as quickly as possible. In Google’s standard, 200 ms). Anything longer than that, and people are simply too impatient to wait, navigating to another site which serves their needs and loads up much faster.

How To Pick A Good Web Host

Most people in Sri Lanka just want basic web hosting that works. However, there are huge differences in brands and it’s essential to pick a web host that suits your needs in order to have a successful online business.

There are a few things that a web hosting must have for us to consider them good – here are a few so you’ll know what to look out for.

1. Speed

If your web hosting is slow to respond, it could cost you thousands, maybe millions in lost potential in sales. We want a fast web hosting that can at least match Google’s benchmark of 200ms!

2. Speed where your targeted audience is

You need to get web hosting that responds to requests from your targeted audience FAST, so be sure to pick a web host with good response times in your audience’s region. 

3. Price

We want to strike a nice balance between low prices and very good web hosting. Pick a web hosting that can provide you with the features you need at a price you’re comfortable paying.

4. Customer service

Complications can occur when you’re dealing with websites, and it’s nice to have a support team of experts dedicated to helping you solve your problems. Be sure to pick a web host that has a good track record in customer support & fast response time.4. Customer service

5. Uptime guarantee

Your site will be useless to you and your audience if it constantly goes down (Server down). We want to look for a web host that can least provide us with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

6. Security

If your web hosting has poor protection against malware / hacks, you’re you’ll be leaving your website and data wide open for attacks. Pick a web hosting that has a strong track record in security, malware and hacking protection.

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